McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship Raises the Bar on the UA's iTunes U

The McGuire Center for Entrepreneurships knows something about being innovative and being successful. After all, the January 21, 2010, USA Today/The Princeton Review '100 Best Value Colleges for 2010' called the McGuire Center the "crown jewel" of the University of Arizona.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the McGuire Center has set the bar higher for the rest of us with its outstanding use of the UA's iTunes U. Randolph Accetta, Mentor-in-Residence, Communications, and Distance Learning Manager for the McGuire Center has developed an extensive collection of videos by local and invited experts covering

  • topics in entrepreneurship
  • resources for entrepreneurship centers
  • guest speakers, conferences and workshops
  • and regional resources for educators, small business and entrepreneurs.

Visit the McGuire Center's site on the UA's iTunes U.

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