Preceptors at the VR Annex

The Virtual Reality Annex worked with four Student Technology Preceptors in the Spring 2011 semester.  The preceptors receive academic credit for their work and gain great real world experince. 

Preceptors and VR Annex

Preceptor Christie Marsh at practice as part of the Preceptor program.

Gary Mackender describes the experience for himself and the students:

"Once students discover the Virtual Reality Annex and what we can do for them as a resource, the enthusiasm is energizing and contagious."

"Since I had four students this semester, I used it as an opportunity to form a VR Street Team. They all were able to wrap their minds around the software used to create VRs fairly quickly. There also was a learning curve involved in using SLR digital cameras in full manual mode. Once we got passed some of the technical aspects of the learning process, I got them to think about what you would look for to make interesting subject matter. Since all are involved in the School of Business, their focus was bit more market based rather than artistic. I believe their final output will enhance their portfolios and can be used as a tool as they pursue their careers."

"I look forward to working with more Student Technology Preceptors in the future semesters."

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