Resources for Identifying, Preventing and Dealing with Plagiarism

Resources for Identifying, Preventing and Dealing with Plagiarism

This resource contains some helpful information to get started identifying issues regarding plagiarism and cheating.

University of Arizona policies from the Dean of Students Office

The Code of Academic Integrity. This Code will provide you with the definitions of unacceptable conduct, Student and Faculty responsibilities, and procedures for dealing with plagiarism and suspected plagiarism.

Helpful Academic Integrity Links for Faculty. These links provide information for Faculty on why students cheat and plagiarize, and how to incorporate plagiarism education into your courses.

Using Turnitin to help identify potential plagiarism is a commercial internet based software solution that the University has contracted with to assist with plagiarism identification.  Turnitin uses a database of existing writing to identify possible plagiarism issues in student papers. 

How to View an Originality Report Video. Originality Reports are generated by Turnitin as an indication that there may be an issue with student writing.  However, an issue with student writing does not necessarily mean that plagiarism has occurred.  This short video explains how to interpret a report from Turnitin.

Additional Information for Faculty and Students on Plagiarism
Library info for students: Avoiding Plagiarism
Tutorials, etc that our TATO modules point to help educate students:
Tutorial: You Quote It, You Note It!