Teaching Academy Spring 2013-January 3rd

 Teaching Academy January 3, 2013

Theme-Writing and the Curriculum

Workshops and Seminars on writing practices for teaching.


ILC Room 119

ILC Room 125

9:00 am

Writing Center at the Think Tank: the How and Why

Creating Research Assignments-UA Libraries

10:30 am

session cancelled

CREATE: An Online Tool for Composing, Researching and Analyzing Arguments

12 Noon

Providing Constructive Feedback on Student Writing 



9:00 am

Workshop: Writing Center at the Think Tank: the How and Why-Chris Hamel and Writing Center Staff
We will provide an overview of the writing center/think tank offerings and how students are referred to the center, what is our philosophy/approach to writing support is, etc.). We will illustrate "examples of support" in small groups, led by Chris Hamel, two GAs, and two tutors. We will each facilitate a discussion of what goes on in tutoring sessions, what faculty can expect students to get if they visit the Writing Center. We will also talk about how the Writing Center can support faculty directly for integrating writing and student writing support into their courses.
The small groups allow for faculty to voice their particular concerns and needs, and ask any questions they have. More information http://thinktank.arizona.edu/tutoring/writing
Workshop: Creating Research Assignments-UA Libraries-Nicole Pagowsky and Jill Newby
In a workshop environment, participants will focus on elements of an effective library research assignment.  Participants will come away with ideas for helping students be successful in locating, evaluating and citing their information resources.  PowerPoint presentation for this session.

10:30 am

Workshop: CREATE: An Online Tool for Composing, Researching and Analyzing Arguments-Dwight Farris and Beth Alvarado (Dept. of English)

Create: A Guide for Writers provides online writing skills instruction for undergraduate students in general education courses. The instruction focuses on reading and writing arguments, grammar, punctuation, and style. The six modules include video, audio, and interactive practice. Five of the modules have a pretest that allows students to place out of the module and a final exam. The sixth unit takes students step by step through writing an essay for your class. To best supplement instructions in your course, the modules can be packaged as a one-credit course or modules can be used individually.
Seminar: Teaching as Reflective Practice: Re-visioning your Teaching Philosophy within the context of your Teaching Portfolio –Kyla Macario
This process intensive workshop will focus on developing your teaching philosophy and/or revisiting your current philosophy. The intention is to guide the process necessary to create a summative (job-market ready) OR formative (used for personal development as a teaching professional) Teaching portfolio. A teaching portfolio is a clear, concise compilation of documents which serve as evidence of teaching effectiveness. 

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