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An online meeting tool available to any course at the UA for free. (Adobe Connect is paid for by the iCourse fee.) It allows you to synchronously meet, chat, talk, see, and exchange resources with your students. It is available in D2L as a widget on your course homepage and as a link in the UA Tools menu along the top of the screen. As of August 25, it is also available in Blackboard LMS. Until December 1 you will have to be in D2L or Blackboard LMS to use Adobe Connect.

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Sample Uses: 
  • Share your screen, applications, or files with students.
  • Use the chat, whiteboard tools, microphone, or cameras to communicate.
  • Use polling and emoticons to check in with your students and promote active learning strategies.
  • Create breakout rooms for individual or group work during the meeting.
  • Access across device (iPad and Android apps are available and provide a full meeting experience)
  • Can be used for a fully online class, hybrid, or just for office hours of a traditional face to face course.
  • Students can set up study groups without the instructor doing anything.


Getting Started Documents: 

Quick Start Guides

Steps to create a meeting space can be found on the D2L Help Pages,

Using a meeting space:

Connect is all about the “pods.” Each pod is a tool in an Adobe Connect Meeting space.

  • Share (Screen, Application, Documents(files), and Whiteboard)
  • Video (Allows users to see each other by using video cameras on your computer)
  • Attendees (Breakout Rooms are created from inside this pod and can be used for group work)
  • Chat
  • Notes (Allows students to take a group set of notes that the instructor can review)
  • Files (Post files that are meant to be downloaded by students)
  • Web Links (Post links for students to follow and browse)
  • Poll (Create questions and share results to keep students engaged, similar to clickers in a face to face classroom)
  • Question and Answer (A way to elevate chat questions into a more organized view that can have questions assigned to other hosts for answering.)

There are 4 recommended ways for learning Adobe Connect.

  1. Log in to D2L and click on UA Tools, Adobe Connect. Set up a meeting space and start clicking around. Once you get past the idea of Pods as tools most of the items can be self-taught.
  2. The UA’s Learning and Teaching with Technology Special Interest Group for Campus Wide Instructional Technologies has created a guide that crosswalks the way you did something in Collaborate with the way you do it in Adobe Connect. (Special thanks to Michael Griffith for converting our Google Doc into a consumable webpage.)
  3. Schedule a 1:1 session with Dwight Farris (, Malcolm Elliott (, Gregory Anderson (, Jeffrey Jones (, or someone from the D2L Team ( In addition to these central resources, several colleges are offering support so you may want to check with your local IT or Academic Technology department to see what support is offered locally.
  4. Video tutorials are available at Adobe TV and YouTube.
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