OIA Mini-Primers

OIA Mini-Primers are short introductions to a variety of teaching topics. They have been designed for any instructor, including graduate teaching assistants.

The mini-primers serve as a gateway for individual inquiry and as a complementary resource for a consultation or workshop on the topic. 

Available mini-primers are:

  • Finding Teaching Resources on the Web

    • This mini-primer outlines the types of resources instructors can find online to support and refine their scholarship and practice in teaching. It also includes a short list of manual-style books available online through the UALibraries.
  • Tips & Resources for Incoming Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

    • This mini-primer consists of 11 tips that introduce new GTAs to various campus and teaching support resources, policies and requirements, and practical strategies to prepare for the first week of classes.
  • Writing an Effective Course Syllabus

    • This mini-primer invites instructors to think about the nature and purposes of syllabi in their own teaching and to ask questions that help communicate their course design to others through the syllabus. Moreover, it informs about institutional guidelines, requirements, and templates.
  • Improving Verbal and Nonverbal Communication with Students Online and Face to Face

    • This mini-primer begins with a literature review on the nature and role of communication in teaching and then provides many practical tips and strategies to diversify and refine verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Flipping Your Classes to Enhance Active Learning

    • This mini-primer is designed for instructors who would like to learn about the concept of the "flipped classroom" and the goal to reserving more in-class, group-based time for active learning tasks. In addition to the introductory resources presented here, instructors are encouraged to look for evidence-based studies about the impact of the flipped classroom on learning within their respective disciplines.

  • Using Clickers for Learning

    • This mini-primer provides an introduction to using clicker technology from a pedagogical perspective, including an overview of clicker use at The University of Arizona, best practices, and positive effects on student learning. 

Additional mini-primers are in preparation. If you have suggestions for improving these or adding other topics, please contact Mascha N. Gemein at mngemein@email.arizona.edu. Thank you.