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Panopto is the university's video streaming and lecture capture platform. It accomplishes several core tasks:

  • Record your classroom. (Students can watch the recordings for reviewing difficult materials before major assessments.)
  • Record mini-lectures or introductions for your course and embed them in D2L.
  • Live stream study sessions with students chatting questions to you.
  • Have students create their own recordings of themselves, items outside of the classroom, or events and then upload them to your Panopto Dropbox Folder via the D2L integration.
  • Stream MP4s that you have access to. (The University Library can assist you in securing copyrights.)

The fastest and easiest way to learn Panopto is to schedule a 1:1 meeting with Josh Butcher or Jeffrey Jones. They are happy to come to your office or meet you online if you are remote!


How do I create my Panopto Folder, download the recorder, and make recordings?

Flipped Classroom

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Are you creating video to share publicly? Then make sure everyone has signed the university's Video Permission Form.