Teaching Journals for Higher Education Libguide

Teaching Journals for Higher Education libguide

Leslie Sult, UA Associate Librarian, has created a new libguide, Teaching Journals for Higher Education. This is a resource to more easily locate discipline-specific literature on teaching and learning accessible through UA. The libguide can be accessed through this link: http://libguides.library.arizona.edu/c.php?g=500539.

The link is live but it has not been listed on the UA Libraries site yet, so you will need to bookmark the link. Feel free to distribute to others for whom you think the resource would be useful, and use it in your materials and courses.

If you have any feedback on the content, layout, functionality, please feel free to email Leslie Sult lsult@email.arizona.edu and Lindsay Hansen  lhansen@email.arizona.edu with those ideas.