Teaching Conversations

Photo of Conversation Candies


You are invited to join us for one of four Teaching Conversations in October 2020. 

The goals of these sessions are for you to share ideas and challenges and help OIA determine how best to support instructors for the remainder of fall semester.



Session Dates and Times (Arizona times)

(Click on your preferred date to register. Registration is requested but not required.)

No available sessions.

Join us in Zoom.

(These meetings will require authentication through WebAuth. You will enter via the Zoom desktop app or be prompted to log in.)

The questions we will use as the basis for our discussion at these meetings are:

  1. What is going well in your teaching so far this semester? What have you changed in response to teaching remotely so far this semester?

  2. What is your sense of students’ engagement with the course, you, and each other?

  3. What questions/concerns do you have about the rest of the fall semester?

  4. What advice would you give to someone who will be teaching remotely during the spring semester?

  5. What kind of support would you find the most helpful?

  6. What kind of support would your students find the most helpful?