Instructional Technologies—Zoom, Clickers, and Panopto

A photo of clickers

This portion of the  OIA's Instructional Technologies team provides campus-wide support for Zoom, Clickers, and Panopto.

Do you want to conduct a real time classroom experience in an online environment? (Zoom)

Do you want to have students answer questions in class with their answers recorded and graphed in real time? (Clickers)

Do you want to have your classroom experience recorded so students can review while studying for exams or create short introductions to each week's material? (Panopto)

Contact Joshua Butcher for assistance with Zoom, Clickers, or Panopto. 

You can also contact Jeffrey Jones from University Information Technology Services (UITS) is ready to assist with Clickers and Panopto. Jeffrey was formerly with Classroom Technology Services and now assists faculty with Clickers and Panopto.


Instructional Applications Support Specialist
UITS - Information Technology Support Analyst