How To Clinics


The clinics feature 20 minutes of demonstration, 10 minutes Q & A, and 30 minutes of participant work time with D2L Consultants available for support.  

Stay for 20 minute or the full hour.  It’s up to you.

Tuesday, July 27th  11:00 am 

Getting Started with D2L: Requesting, Navigating and First Steps in Your Course Site

Includes: Request a course site, use the navigation bar, edit your D2L profile, adjust basic course settings, and communicate with students.


Wednesday July 28th 11:00 am

Build a Gradebook

Includes:  Choose either a weighted or points gradebook, and create grade categories & grade items.


Thursday July 29th 11:00 am


Includes:  Create different assignment types, connect the assignment to a grade item, and turn on for originality check.


Tuesday August 3rd 11:00 am

Discussions and Groups

Includes: Create groups, a whole-class discussion, and group discussion areas.


Wednesday August 4th 11:00 am

Adding Content

Includes: Create modules to structure the course site, upload files, add links, and create a basic html page.


Thursday August 5th 11:00 am

Question Library

Includes: Build True/False, multiple choice, and short answer questions, and organize them in the question library.


Tuesday August 10th 11:00 am

Build a Quiz and Add to Content

Includes: Build a quiz, set start dates,  end dates and and time limits, give special access, and insert a link to the quiz in a Content module.


Wednesday August 11th 11:00 am

Importing from Question Library and Sections

Includes: Create sections in a quiz, import questions from the question library, and create random pools from which to draw questions.


Thursday August 12th 11:00 am

Grading Quizzes

Includes: Learn different grading options: by users, by attempts, or by questions, and know how to easily score individual questions.

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