D2L News - April 2022

With only one month to go in the spring semester (can you believe it?), D2L is rolling out some updates designed to improve your experience using two powerful tools, Intelligent Agents and Groups. These updates go into effect on Thursday, April 8, when we move to version 20.22.3.

Also, keep an eye on announcements on your D2L page. We’ll soon be posting dates and times for webinars designed to help you with your end-of-the-semester assessments and grading. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon on Zoom.


The Teaching & Learning Team

More Flexible Scheduling for Intelligent Agents | New

Those of you who use the Intelligent Agents tool will have more control over when data is collected and automated emails are sent to students and others in the classlist. First, select how frequently you want your Intelligent Agent to run: one-time, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Then, depending upon your choice, you will receive more options that will allow you to customize the days and times your agent runs.

D2L has also cleaned up the user interface with expandable sections and the scheduling section moved toward the top of the screen.

Additionally, you can now use up to 128 characters in the subject line, bringing Intelligent Agents in line with the email tool. Previously, the limit was 100 characters.

Learn More About Intelligent Agents

A New Look and Feel for the Groups Tool | New

A new feature moves group creation and enrollment to a background task. For instructors with large classes who must create a lot of groups at once, this will reduce the risk of timeouts. When instructors save their groups, they will receive a message reading, “Your groups are currently being created in the background. This may take a few minutes. You will receive a notification when this is complete.

Additionally, Instructors will see the message, “Group creation in progress” in the Manage Groups screen.

There will also be interface changes in this tool. In the previous interface, the header was in the first row of the table, along with a menu with options for editing the category, adding groups, or enrolling students into groups. Now, the header is moved above the table, along with the menu, which contains additional options for deleting the category or emailing students.

One final change, this tool will now include pagination, with the possibility of viewing up to 200 groups per page.

Learn More About Groups

Did You Know?

Learn More about the Update all Attempts Feature

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