Brown Bag: The Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

Sara will provide a 'dry run' of the presentation she will be giving at the AECT Conference in Las Vegas.  This will be a short presentation followed by Q&A and feedback to Sara to refine her presentation.

Friday, October 14, 1pm in ILC 136

The Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning as Critical Framework for Humanized Verbal Instructional Messages. 

Sara Bechtold

Multimedia, and in particular the careful manipulation of text, audible speech, and images is the present day reality, and future of computer based learning design and research.  There is no significant difference in learning within a computer based or traditional learning environment, with respect to how well a student processes and recalls information, unless the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia is the primary underlying theoretical basis for research and design. This theory promotes a humanization and personalization of an instructional message, which is central for computer based learning to be considered a social event.