D2L News Update: October 2016

Important System Information

October D2L Update -  We will upgrade to version 10.6.6 (we are currently at 10.6.5) late Thursday night October 27th.  There will be no downtime.  In version 10.6.6 there will be some minor changes in the Exporting Grades function.  Instructors, when exporting grades, will now be able to select section membership and group membership under user details.

Exporting grades

This will be useful for instructors who would like to generate lists of students by group membership.  Currently, within the Groups Tool, there is no way of generating such a list.

Panopto – There have been two recent changes in Panopto.  Now when entering Panopto via D2L, either through UA Tools in the navigation bar or through a link set up in content, Panopto now launches in a window that does not allow you to copy, move or delete any videos (the check boxes to the left of the videos in the course are no longer there).  To copy, move or delete videos in Panopto, you must launch a new window by clicking on the icon at the top far right (a square with an arrow inside pointing to the top right corner of the square).  That new window will have the checkboxes to the left of the videos that allows you to move, copy and delete them.


The second change in Panopto is that you can now embed, record and upload Panopto videos without leaving D2L by using the Insert Stuff tool in the html editor.  When embedding a video in content there is now a third option, Record.  By clicking on record, you can name the recording, record, upload and insert the recording from within D2L.  The Panopto recorder, however, still needs to be installed on your computer first.


Step by step instructions

Did You Know?

7 Week Course Sessions – If you are teaching a 7 week course beginning in October, please remember that you must activate your course manually.  D2L has no way to distinguish 7 week course from the standard semester long course. How to activate or deactivate a course.