November 2016 D2L News

Important System Information

November D2L Update -  We will upgrade to version 10.6.7 (we are currently at 10.6.6) late Thursday night

November 24th (Thanksgiving). There will be no downtime. 

What's new:

    1.  D2L is bringing back the ability to paste out of Microsoft Word which disappeared in version 10.6. 

    2.  In this release D2L is introducing the first pieces of its new redesign of the quiz tool.  It is starting by redesigning the process of building quiz questions beginning with multiple choice questions.  In the December release they will add the redesign of True False questions.  These two redesigned question types will be available Spring 2017 and should streamline the process of building multiple choice and true false questions.  We will be updating our help pages to reflect the new question building process.

Did You Know?

D2L Product Idea Exchange

D2L has a Product Idea Exchange (PIE) site where clients can enter ideas for improvements/changes to D2L.  Clients can add ideas, read other people’s ideas, weigh in with comments on ideas and vote ideas up or down.  In each release D2L includes some ideas from the Product Idea Exchange.  Bringing back the ability to paste from Microsoft Word is an example of one such idea (people were upset when the ability was removed).

To access the Product Idea Exchange you need to set up an account (Name, email address and institution).  You can access the PIE at  and click on the Join button or if you want to immediately set up an account click here to go to the form.

Releasing Final Calculated Grade

Although instructors see the Final calculated grade column in grades, by default students are unable to see it.  We have gotten a few requests from instructors that students want to know what their cumulative percentage is in the course to date and have asked how to release it so students can see it.

The following help page explains how to release the Final Calculated Grade.  You will want to make sure, since it isn't the end of the semester, that you are releasing the final calculated grade and not the Final Adjusted Grade.   Visit this help page to set the correct grade you want to release: 

Once you have your grade settings correct, visit this page to learn how to release the Final Calculated Grade to students.

Phone:  626-6804 (8am -5pm M-F)

Request for Help Form

Help Pages: