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Clickers can be a catalyst to feel comfortable moving away from traditional lectures and into an active learning process. They create an opportunity to have a "conversation" with your students and spot where they are struggling before high stakes exams.

To use clickers well you need to:

  1. Ensure that your course's learning objectives and course materials are aligned.
  2. Develop questions that challenge students' understanding of the material.
  3. Carve out class time for your students to discuss and answer questions. (This will push them to apply what they have learned, create reasons for their choices, and reflect on their own learning.)
  4. Learn the technology.

Not every question will work well and it is likely to take several iterations before you find a comfort level, but we are here to help and you are not alone. During this process it can help to remember that student learning gains in an active learning environment accompanied by question recall outperform the traditional lecture approach.


The fastest and easiest way to learn this process is to schedule a 1:1 meeting with Josh Butcher or They are happy to come to your office or meet you online if you are remote!

View our online help pages at:

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