Are You Frustrated by Students Selling Notes?

If you have been frustrated by students using D2L's Classlist to advertise class notes through sites like or then please consider the following options:

  1. Remove the Classlist tool from your course site. This has the downside of preventing students emailing you and other students from within D2L, but your email address is likely in your Syllabus and they can still send from regular university email. If you do remove it then you can still go to Course Admin and Classlist to email all of your students.
    • If you have never edited a D2L Nav Bar then the easiest way to do this is to go to Course Admin, Navigation and Themes, use the drop down menu to choose "Default Course Home With No Classlist," and click Apply.
    • Please keep in mind a student could still "guess" the Classlist url. To prevent this you will need to go to Course Admin, Tools, and make Classlist Inactive. Doing this also means you will be unable to use Classlist. When you want to use Classlist to email all of your students you must return to Tools and toggle Classlist Active. When done using Classlist you then must return to Tools and make it Inactive again.
  2. Consider adding a statement to your syllabus warning students of the repercussions of using a site to sell class notes.
    "Selling class notes and/or other course materials to other students or to a third party for resale is not permitted without the instructor’s express written consent. Providing student email addresses to a third party is not permitted. Violations to this and other course rules are subject to the Code of Academic Integrity and may result in course sanctions. Additionally, students who use D2L or UA email to sell or buy these copyrighted materials are subject to Code of Conduct Violations for misuse of electronic resources provided by The University of Arizona. This conduct may also constitute copyright infringement."

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Mark Felix at