'Textbook Heroes' Help Students Save Money

In a 2016 survey by Florida Virtual Campus, 66.5 percent of Florida college students reported not purchasing the required textbook for a class due to cost. They also said the price of required textbooks had caused them to take fewer courses (47.6 percent), not register for a specific course (45.5 percent), earn a poor grade (37.6 percent), and fail a course (19.8 percent).

The high cost of textbooks can be a barrier to student success. And while University of Arizona BookStores does everything it can to keep textbook prices down, publishers have increased the cost of textbooks more than 1,000 percent (three times the rate of inflation) since 1977.

What does that mean for an average student? For 2016-17, the University's financial aid office estimates the annual cost of books/supplies was $800 for undergraduates and $1,200 for graduate students.

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