Online Mini-Courses

Online Mini-Courses are facilitated online courses, ranging from five to fourteen days in duration, designed for any UA instructor, and offered through D2L.


The mini-courses engage enrollees in learning about and experimenting with strategies and tools that they can apply in their own courses. Enrollees can expect to devote 30 minutes to one hour a day to completing the activities in a mini-course. We recommend that instructors enroll in one mini-course at a time, in order to increase the likelihood that they complete the mini-course.

The available mini-courses are:

  • Building Communities in Online Courses

    • Participants in this fully online five-day mini-course will conceptualize community in online environments while exploring tools, techniques, and activities that support student-to-student and student-to-instructor connectedness. Topics will include personalized learning, social networks, synchronous meetings and collaborative learning. Through the completion of activities, participants will be able to design activities and create materials that will support the development of communities within their online courses.

  • Building Intentional Learning Relationships

    • This 5-day, fully online mini-course will help you address the intersections between cognitive and affective learning to promote academic achievement for your students. Drawing from the research on culturally responsive teaching, you will practice strategies and techniques for building intentional learning relationships with students. This course includes two synchronous, optional webinars. Your expected time investment are 1-2 hours per day. A showcase and feedback session takes place one week later.
  • Collaborative Learning

    • In this three-week, hybrid mini-course, participants will learn about, plan, and practice using evidence-based, active and collaborative learning strategies for teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses. The course includes online activities and three, two-hour in-person meetings, one meeting scheduled during each of the three weeks of the course.
  • Course-Level Assessment

    • This five-day online mini-course introduces assessment strategies and techniques that can be implemented at the course level to measure student learning, course design, and teaching practices.
  • Effective Online Discussions

    • This five-day mini-course introduces strategies for designing and facilitating effective online discussions that expand student exposure to curriculum, deepen learning, and increase student engagement. 
  • Fine-Tuning Your Course as a Road Map for Learning

    • This 5-day, fully online mini-course allows instructors to refine an existing course plan and syllabus. Using the methodology of backward design and the principle of alignment, participants will revise and peer-review the learning outcomes, assessment plan, and other aspects of their courses to create an effective “road map” for learning via the course syllabus.
  • Introduction to Teaching Online

    • In this 14-day mini-course, participants will experience taking an online course while learning about methods, tools, and best practices for teaching hybrid and fully online courses.
  • Re-Imagining Online Lectures

    • This five day online mini-course will invite participants to reconsider the construct of “lecture” as it relates to online teaching and learning. Participants will explore ways that online content might be created and delivered. 

  • Re-Imagining Slides

    • This five-day mini-course will invite participants to dust off those text heavy, bullet-point-laden lecture slides and re-imagine the power and purpose of what is projected on a screen. Participants will examine the decisions that drive slide content while learning some basic design concepts and techniques. You do not need to have any prior design experience.
  • Teaching a Large Online Course

    • ​​​​​This five-day mini-course introduces instructional strategies and techniques for teaching large fully online courses. It will focus on instructional practices that engage and motivate students in large classes as well as introduce strategies for effectively managing administrative tasks such as monitoring student progress and conducting assessments. 

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