Try Something New with Student Peer Review

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**Please note: This is a two part workshop. The two sessions are complementary and build on each other - they are not duplicate sessions of the same workshop. To maximize learning and interactions with peers, please plan to participate in both workshop sessions.**

When: Wednesday, September 6th and Wednesday, November 8th  2:00 - 3:30 pm  ILC 103A (conference room in the OIA main offices) Food and beverage provided. Space is limited.

Description: Incorporating peer review into an assignment supports writing instruction through a student-led process of feedback and revision. Through a peer-led process of their own, participants in this two-part workshop will explore student peer review by trying a something new with peer review in their course, and sharing the outcomes with other instructors.

In the first session of this two-part workshop, participants will examine and discuss various strategies for facilitating peer review and leave with an actionable plan to incorporate one new peer review method or process into their course this semester. The change doesn’t need to be big, complex, or perfect - only an idea that you are able and willing to try right now, and would like get input from other instructors on!

After trying the peer review idea in their course, participants will reconvene in the second session to share the outcomes of their efforts, reflect on successes and challenges, and offer suggestions for future peer review efforts.

To encourage camaraderie among participants, space is limited to 15 people, and food and beverage will be provided at both sessions. Register soon!

Facilitators: Lindsay Hansen (Asst. Prof. of Practice) and Brad Jacobson (Writing Support Specialist)

Contact: Lindsay Hansen