“Preparing for Faculty Job Applications" Series

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Fall 2017

Dates: September 12, 19, 26, and October 3

Location: Science-Engineering Library, Room 311

Time: 12 PM to 1 PM

This workshop and discussion series will share strategies for creating key components of a strong faculty job application. Attendees may bring their lunch to the event. Coffee and other light refreshments will be served.


SEPT. 12:  Developing your Teaching Statement (concluded) PowerPoint for this session saved as PDF

Key Questions for Developing Teaching Statement PDF

In this workshop, participants will discuss strategies for developing and refining your Teaching Statement as part of your letter of interest or as a separate Teaching Philosophy. As colleges and universities are increasingly requesting evidence of teaching effectiveness as part of these applications, participants will also discuss what evidence is appropriate to include, how to compile Teacher Course Evaluations or other student ratings as part of a job application, and how to include evidence when you are not teaching your own course. Regardless of the type of institution, this workshop applies to anyone pursuing a college faculty position that will include teaching responsibilities.    

SEPT. 19:   Writing Diversity Statements (concluded) PowerPoint for this session saved as PDF  links to sample statements that were used can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/teachingportfolioannazimmerman/diversity-statement | http://ofew.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/example_statements_contributions_to_diversity.pdf | https://tacdiversitystatement.wikispaces.com/Sample+Diversity+Statements

With growing awareness of diversity and accessibility issues, more and more educational institutions ask for explicit statements by their instructors about their diversity-responsive beliefs and practices. In the light of the AACU inclusive excellence initiative, this workshop will focus on promoting and expressing inclusive and diversity-responsive teaching, research, and service. The workshop will include a brief introduction to “inclusive excellence,” prompts to develop content for your diversity statement, a discussion of writing strategies, and, if time permits, peer feedback on your outline or draft. This workshop applies to anyone pursuing a college faculty position that will include teaching responsibilities.

SEPT. 26:   Developing an Application-ready Course Materials

More and more colleges and universities, particularly those with more teaching emphasis, request a sample course syllabus or materials as part of their applications for faculty positions. In this workshop, participants will discuss ways to refine an existing or develop a new course syllabus or other course materials, such as exams or assignments, for a particular job position. Participants are encouraged to bring a sample syllabus, other course materials, and a job listing to discuss and share. PowerPoint saved as PDF  Key Questions for Developing a Syllabus

OCT. 3:      Strategies for Presenting Your Teaching Portfolio Online

Building and maintaining a professional online presence is becoming a necessity for an academic career. Part of an academic identity is a cohesive and comprehensive teaching portfolio, which often includes a teaching philosophy statement, representative sample of instructional materials, and evidence of teaching effectiveness. In this workshop, we will discuss the purpose and characteristics of an effective teaching portfolio, strategies for an engaging portfolio design, and share examples of online portfolios. This workshop applies to anyone pursuing a college faculty position that will include teaching responsibilities, particularly those pursuing positions at teaching-emphasis institutions. Google Docs  PowerPoint Part 1 PowerPoint Part 2

Facilitated by the Office of Instruction and Assessment

Sponsored by the Graduate & Professional Student Council, the Graduate Center, and Postdoctoral Affairs