Multimedia Solutions

Photo of a man behind a video camera and lights

The OIA Multimedia Solutions team can help you by creating multimedia to enhance your classroom or website.  Our experienced staff and student technicians can help you to integrate many forms of media into your course. 

We videotape guest lectures, scientific lab procedures, conceptual demonstrations, and promotional content. We offer video streaming of course content that students can view both during and outside of the classroom.  We produce instructional and documentary videos. We also provide consultation to help you to decide what multimedia will be successful for your course and audience.

In addition, OIA Multimedia Solutions now offers still photography as a service.  These photos can be used for web or print materials, and can be customized and edited by our staff.  An example of the kinds of photos we can produce can be found at the web page CLS.

Video and photo services subject to possible charges, all fees will be stated before services are scheduled.

Disclaimer: We do not duplicate copyrighted materials.  

To make a request, please fill out a Service Request.

Media Specialist, Principal
Media Technician, Senior