Designing Engaging Writing Assignments & Effective Rubrics

Designing Engaging Writing Assignments & Effective Rubrics (Spring 2018 workshops)

**Please note: This is a two part workshop. The two sessions are complementary and build on each other - they are not duplicate sessions of the same workshop. To maximize learning and interactions with peers, please plan to participate in both workshop sessions.**

When: Thursday, January 25th and Thursday, February 1st | 12:30 - 2:00 pm | ILC 103A (conference room in the OIA main offices). Lunch provided. Space is limited.

Facilitators: Lindsay Hansen (Asst. Prof. of Practice) and Brad Jacobson (Writing Support Specialist)

Description: Participants in this two-part workshop will explore strategies to design a writing assignment and an accompanying rubric for maximizing student engagement and success.

In Part 1 of the workshop (Jan 25th), participants will examine principles and aspects of engaging writing assignments. By the end of the session, participants will have the tools to design, or redesign, a complete writing assignment for their course.

Part 2 (Feb 1st) builds from assignment design to focus on developing an effective rubric for assessment and evaluation of student writing. During this workshop, participants will create a fair, effective, and efficient rubric for their writing assignment.