Taskstream AMS User Workshops

Taskstream AMS user workshop:  This interactive workshop is to provide the necessary training for assessment coordinators in the Accountability Management System (AMS) in Taskstream.  Participants will learn how to navigate the system and then have time allowed to practice inputting program assessment information into their specific program’s workspace.   

Location: Info Commons Room 112A (South of the ILC Courtyard)


January 16, 9 to 11am

January 19, 1 to 3pm

February 6, 9 to 11am 

February 9, 1 to 3pm

March 13, 9 to 11am

March 16, 1 to 3pm

April 10, 9 to 11am

April 13, 1 to 3pm

May 1, 9 to 11am

May 4, 1 to 3pm