Lindsay Hansen

Lindsay Hansen
Assistant Professor of Practice

My piece of the puzzle:
Lindsay helps instructors integrate instructional technologies into their courses, with a focus on teaching and learning online.  

Her current responsibilities and interests include:

  • coordinating support for general education instructors to incorporate student writing into their courses,
  • consulting with instructors in designing and building hybrid, online, and accelerated courses,
  • designing and facilitating fully online professional development offerings (e.g., mini-courses and self-paced tutorials),
  • teaching and mentoring participants in the CCT courses, including IA 697a – Learner-centered Teaching (hybrid and fully online), IA 697b - Using Technology in Teaching (hybrid), and IA 694a – Instructional Practicum (hybrid and fully online), and 
  • wrestling with critical digital pedagogy, writing pedagogy, information literacy instruction, and higher education policy.

Background & Education:
Lindsay has been teaching professionally in private sector, community-based, K-12, and higher education settings since 2005. Her research and practice has focused on teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), information literacy, and instructional development. She holds a B.A. in French from Colorado State University and an M.A. in applied linguistics, a TESOL certificate, and a Higher Education Teaching Specialist designation from University of Utah. She loves dogs, the indoors, tous les choses francophones, food, episodic TV, the American west, and Twitter.