Campus Teaching Community Resources

To the Campus Teaching Community:

The Offices of Instruction and Assessment, Digital Learning, and University Information Technology Services have formed a Teaching Continuity Support Team to support instructors as we move rapidly to remote teaching.


Getting help by phone or email

We have expanded our support team and service hours to better serve you during this transition. For the next few weeks, you can reach members of the support team for phone and email support Monday-Friday 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm (; 520-626-6804). Virtual office hours will be forthcoming.


Live Support Rooms, where you can meet 1:1 with an OIA teaching consultant or Digital Learning instructional designer, to plan and problem solve.



Webinars March 19 and 20

These upcoming webinars will quickly get you up to speed on strategies and technologies for transitioning your class to remote, online or distance.

Resources for Teaching Online

Teaching Writing Online

Created by Lauren Harvey, UA Writing and Learning Program, and Aimee Mapes, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum

Communicate with your students

Please reach out to communicate with your students and reassure them that they are in your thoughts. It is perfectly fine to tell them that you’re working on a Plan B and that you’ll share more information as soon as you’ve figured it out. Contact if you need support in getting your message out to students.


Pace yourself

You don’t have to figure out everything in the next two days. Start by concentrating on the materials students will need to do their assignments and how you can accomplish some of the most important things you do in class. See the recommendations at


You might just like it

Teaching online can be exhilarating, and although this is not the roll-out we would have chosen, we are excited to expand the network of instructors we support in this grand adventure. It’s a great way to learn some new tools and interact with students in different ways.

Lisa Elfring
March 12, 2020
Who to contact for support:
D2L Support
Academic Technologies, UITS
OSCR (520) 621-6727
23/7 520) 626-8324