Webinar Recording Tutorials

In the Spring 2020 semester the University was forced to stop holding classes on the campus, and faculty were charged with quickly putting their classes online.  In order to help the most people in the shortest amount of time, campus partners InTech, ODL, Academic Technologies and the OIA, between April 13th and May1st, offered 53 Webinars for faculty. These covered a large number of topics, from teaching strategies, using specific technology tools to how to leverage tools for ending the semester.

As we continue to offer these webinars, we will continue to add to this list of recordings as a resource for campus.

Many of the Webinars were offered more than once, at different times on different days to accommodate schedules.  Here are recordings of these Webinars and a couple links to resources that can be used as tutorials for those who could not attend the live sessions. (Click on a Topic title to access the recordings)


D2L: Getting Started with D2L: Requesting, Navigating, and First Steps in Your Course Site Recorded Session 41 Minutes

D2L: Adding Content Recorded Session 1:09 Minutes

Panopto: How to access and record lecture videos Recorded Session 1:04 Minutes

Zoom: How to access, schedule, and start meetings Recorded Session 1:03 Minutes

Zoom: Learning about the in-meeting tools & interface Recorded Session 58 Minutes

D2L: Build a gradebook Recorded Session 58 Minutes

Panopto: Editing a video session Recorded Session 1:06 Minutes

Panopto: Embed a Panopto video into a D2L Content Module Recorded Session  49 Minutes

Zoom: How can students access meetings and recordings in D2L? Recorded Session 1:00 Minutes

D2L: Assignments Recorded Session 58 Minutes

D2L: Discussions and Groups Recorded Session 30 Minutes

D2L: Grading and Assessment Recorded Session 47 Minutes

Panopto: Create an assignment folder for student recordings Recorded Session 37 Minutes

Panopto: Utilize discussions in Panopto videos Recorded Session 43 Minutes

Zoom: Using breakout rooms for group collaboration & discussion Recorded Session 38 Minutes

D2L: Question Library Recorded Session 58 Minutes

D2L: Build a Quiz and Add to Content Recorded Session 35 Minutes

D2L: Importing from Question Library and Sections Recorded Session 49 Minutes

D2L: Grading Quizzes Recorded Session 1:00 Minutes

Panopto: Inserting a Quiz into a Panopto video and synching with D2L Gradebook Recorded Session 1:03 Minutes

Assessment & Testing Recorded Session 53 Minutes

Testing Alternatives: Student Presentations Recorded Session PPT Slides 43 Minutes

Testing Alternatives: Setting up D2L Quizzes for Final Exams Recorded Session 55 Minutes

Grading & Feedback Options in D2L: Holistic rubrics (D2L Rubrics) Recorded Session 48 Minutes

Grading & Feedback Options in D2L: Analytic rubrics (D2L Rubrics) Recorded Session 55 Minutes

Grading in the time of coronavirus: Things are different this semester Recorded Session 50 Minutes

Testing Alternatives: Setting up D2L Quizzes for Final Exams Recorded Session 40 Minutes

Final Grades: Calculating and Submitting to Registrar Recorded Session 51 Minutes


Setting up D2L Grades Recorded Session 44 Minutes

What are sources of free-to-use course materials? Recorded Session 44 Minutes

How to Request a D2L Course Site  Recorded Session 17 Minutes

Grading & Feedback Options in D2L: Annotation toolbar, Video and Audio Feedback Recorded Session 39 Minutes

Help pages D2L Manage Dates and Tutorial on D2L Manage Dates

Using TurnItIn in D2L Assignments Recorded Session 40 Minutes

Talk about my course(s). What is realistic to do quickly? How do I teach my class remotely? Recorded Session 50 Minutes

Writing Prompts & Questions that Encourage Individual Responses Recorded Session 54 Minutes

Taking Your Instructional team (GTAs and Preceptors) Online Recorded Session 51 Minutes

How to Record in Panopto Recorded Session 50 Minutes

How Students Record/Post Videos in Panopto Recorded Session 39 Minutes

Using the Editor Recorded Session 56 Minutes

Creating an Assignment Folder for Students to Record or Post Videos Recorded Session 26 Minutes

New Features of Panopto Recorded Session 54 Minutes

Web Webinar Recording Recorded Session 50 Minutes

Web Polling Webinar Recording Recorded Session 1:17 Minutes

Enhance Remote Learning with TurningPoint web Recorded Session 1:08 Minutes

Create a VoiceThread Recorded Session 31 Minutes

Orientation Recorded Session 55 Minutes

Breakout Rooms Recorded Session 47 Minutes

Using Polling Feature Recorded Session 37 Minutes

Breakout Rooms for collaborative learning Recorded Session 45 Minutes

How do Instructors and Students access Cloud Recordings? Recorded Session 58 Minutes

Breakout Rooms for collaborative learning or group/pair work Recorded Session 34 Minutes

Breakout Rooms Options Recorded Session 44 Minutes

Polling & Other Interaction Tools Recorded Session  53 Minutes

A Practical Guide to Inclusivity in the Zoom Classroom Recorded Session 52 Minutes

Security Settings for Zoom Meetings Recorded Session 33 Minutes

Responding to Conflict and Emotionally-Charged Moments in the Zoom Classroom Recorded Session 43 Minutes

Accessing and Sharing Zoom Recordings Recorded Session 44 Minutes

New Features of Zoom Recorded Session 1:03 Minutes (October 2020)

Zoom Q&A Recorded Webinar 59 Minutes

New Features of Zoom Recorded Session 1:35 Minutes (January 2021)

Using Zoom Breakout Rooms Recorded Session 1:12 Minutes (January 6, 2021 Webinar)

Accessing Zoom Reports Recorded Session 1:02 Minutes (January 2021)

Using Zoom Breakout Rooms Recorded Session 1:01 Minutes (January 7, 2021 Webinar)

New Features of Zoom Recorded Session 1:11 Minutes (April 2021)