Integrated Learning Center (ILC)

A Photo of the ILCThe Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center (ILC) building web site has been permanently disabled.  The information formerly included on this site is now available through various individual department websites.  Please refer to the links below to access services, information, or departments who are/were housed in the ILC Building.
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Departments currently housed in the ILC:

The Office of Instruction and Assessment; OIA
The OIA works with instructors to develop all aspects of the instructional process. OIA staff help instructors explore and apply learning-centered teaching practices, select appropriate technologies that enhance the instructional process, and develop effective assessment and evaluation strategies.

The University Libraries; UA Libraries
The University of Arizona Libraries advance the University's mission through the active contributions of knowledgeable staff who choose cost effective methods of acquiring, curating, managing, and connecting customers to information services and resources and providing education in their use.

Departments formerly housed in the ILC:

Office of Student Computing Resources; OSCR
OSCR enables access to a wide variety of technologies and many types of technical assistance to students in every discipline. OSCR also provides a variety of services for UA instructors from all departments and programs. OSCR regularly partners with faculty and staff to ensure delivery of high quality learning experiences both on and off campus.

Center for Exploratory Students; CES (formerly University College)
The Center for Exploratory Students is the academic advising home for "undecided" or "exploratory" students as well as all Pre-Nursing and Interdisciplinary Studies majors in the Colleges of Letters, Arts & Science at the University of Arizona.