What is a #Tweetchat?

What is a #Tweetchat, How do I Do It, and Why Should I Care?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 12:30 to 2pm in ILC 136

Twitter is one of many social networking tools that can be used to support teaching and learning in synchronous and asynchronous learning spaces. This workshop will focus specifically upon the use of Tweetchats, a synchronous structure that brings people together from all over the world for a conversation on a specific, moderated topic.

This will be an introductory, hands-on workshop. Participants in this workshop do not need to have any prior experience with Twitter.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • observe or participate in a live Tweetchat (#LTHEchat) on critical thinking in higher education,
  • become familiar with terms such as hashtag, tweet, retweet, and username,
  • observe or demonstrate Tweetchat etiquette,
  • consider possible applications of Tweetchats for professional learning, development, and networking,
  • and consider possible applications of Tweetchats for student engagement and learning.¬†

For any questions on the topic, please contact Phyllis Brodsky, pebrodsk@email.arizona.edu or through Twitter @pebrodsky

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