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D2L is a course management system that can assist you in creating an organized experience for your students. Some of the common uses are providing students access to materials, activities that apply what students are learning, communication, feedback, and grades. If you take a step back from the nuts and bolts of the system and sit down with a member of the OIA staff they can help you walk through a backward-design process and share the lessons learned that hundreds of faculty have shared with them over the years. The team has more than 20 years experience helping educators develop courses. They are ready to help with questions of how to upload your syllabus or create an online gradebook, all the way to how to take your 16 week course and re-organize it into a fully online 3-5 week summer course.

There are ample self help materials available on the D2L Help Pages, but you may find the easiest way to learn D2L is to visit the team by scheduling a 1:1 meeting. They are happy to come to your office or meet you online if you are remote!


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