OIA Tutorials

OIA Tutorials are a series of self-enrolled and self-paced online tutorials. They have been designed for any UA instructor, including graduate teaching assistants, and are offered through D2L. 

The Tutorials present theory and evidence for various teaching practices, along with practical examples and prompts for enrollees to apply these practices to their teaching. Enrollees are encouraged to spend a minimum of 2 hours, and a maximum of 8 hours on each tutorial. The tutorials are available at any time, and remain available upon self-registration. Please note that, because these tutorials are not facilitated by OIA personnel, they are not eligible for completion certificates.

The available tutorials are:

  • Active Student Learning
    • This tutorial is designed for student and faculty instructors hoping to explore ideas about active learning and teaching strategies, and to find guidance for preparing materials for a learner-centered lesson. Participants will learn about the characteristics of active learning, evaluate active and collaborative learning strategies in the context of their own disciplines, and design a lesson for their own teaching practice.
  • Planning Effective Assessments

    • This tutorial is designed for instructors to explore ways to assess what their students are learning in a course, to inform how to improve learning. Participants will learn about various assessment strategies and how to use these strategies in ways that also strengthen student learning. All units include reflective activities and invite participants to create and revise assessments for their courses.
  • Teaching Laboratories and Studio Courses 
    • This tutorial is designed for any instructor, including graduate teaching assistants, to explore ideas about teaching laboratory and studio courses in a variety of disciplines. Participants will learn about best practices when preparing for and teaching these courses, and have opportunities to prepare aspects of their lab and studio course(s).

  • Teaching Diverse Students
    • This tutorial invites instructors to reflect on their own beliefs and skills, their teaching practice and course design. Materials and activities will facilitate exploring strategies for engaging diverse students and designing inclusive and accessible learning environments. Some of the topics include inclusive excellence, intercultural (teaching) competence, and universal design. All units include reflective activities and invite participants to create and revise their teaching materials.
  • Giving Feedback on Student Writing
    • This tutorial is designed for instructors who provide feedback and revision opportunities for student writing assignments in their courses. Participants explore ideas about the purpose of writing, feedback, and revision in learning, try a variety of strategies for giving meaningful feedback on student writing, and reflect on teaching practice. All units include opportunities to engage in reflective assignment design and writing feedback activities.

To enroll in and access the tutorials: 

To register for and access the OIA Tutorials:

  1. Go to http://d2l.arizona.edu.
  2. Click on the button labeled UA NetID Login in the upper left side of the screen.
  3. Enter your NetID and password.
  4. Click on Self Registration in the navigation bar near the top of the page.
  5. Scroll down to "OIA Tutorials."
  6. Click on the hyperlinked tutorial you desire, e.g. “Active Student Learning."
  7. Click on the button labeled Register; fill out the form and click on Submit.
  8. When you are done, click on My Home.  Click on the "Select a Course" link, which is the grid of squares at the top of the page, and type the name of the tutorial in the search field. 

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